HUD expands energy conservation challenge to apartments

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CONSERVATION RETROFITTING APARTMENT BUILDINGS TO CONSERVE WATER A Guide for Managers, Engineers, and Contractors U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Policy Development and Research

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PDF Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing – US EPA – promoting energy efficiency in affordable housing owned and developed by other public and private entities, such as community development corporations and public housing authorities (PHA).1 It provides information on the benefits of improving energy efficiency in affordable housing, expected investment and funding opportunities, and case studies.

In an interview with the Post after being appointed, Tregoning laid out how she would bring smart growth to the state: “My main challenge. energy, and that position meant difficult battles. At HUD,

research and expand consumer education and market-based initiatives for increasing energy efficiency in very low-income housing. Energy efficiency is a foundation for more sustainable homes and lives. It is, however, only one component of a more holistic approach to creating better homes and communities for very low-income people and a