What a Trump administration means for real estate

Donald Trump is now going to be our 45th president of the United States. So what does Trump’s new presidency mean for real estate investors? We will take a further look at some key aspects such as overall market economics and tax proposals.

WATCH ABOVE: The Trump administration wants to turn the International Space Station into a business venture, according to reports.

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The presidential election has unleashed a frenzy of speculation as to what exactly a Trump administration might mean for the commercial real estate industry.

. including corporation taxes, personal income taxes, and real-estate transfer taxes.. House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee. almost $15.3 billion in duties imposed by the Trump administration.

The Trump Era: What the Disruption Could Mean for the Economy and Housing Market Executive Summary: Equity markets have responded positively to President-elect Donald Trump, as the incoming administration is viewed as pro-growth.

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Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling for an investigation into whether the Trump administration is delaying putting..

Toronto Real Estate In Yuan Toronto real estate prices – inflation adjusted, and converted to yuan. Now, this is far from a comprehensive assessment of the future of Canadian real estate. There’s many factors working to bring prices down – stagnating incomes, employment trends, and household debt are three significant ones. A Trump.

What Trump’s presidency means for real estate taxes and foreign investment.. What A Trump Presidency Might Mean For Real Estate Taxes, Foreign Investment National State of Market View.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency funds leadership training The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Housing Strategy is a five-year comprehensive plan to connect Pennsylvanians to affordable, integrated, accessible, and supportive housing. The strategy was first launched in 2016 in partnership with the Pennsylvania Housing and Finance Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and.

Exclusive: IRS ignored documents showing that billionaire Trump supporter avoided millions in taxes on Cape Cod estat. – The case raises questions about the diligence of federal tax law enforcement and whether under the Trump administration the.

On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that Felix Sater, the russian-american real-estate developer at the center of the.

The plan centers around a $1.7 trillion dollar federal investment in clean energy, paid for by rolling back the Trump tax cuts (a popular piggy. 2020 re-election bid – Theresa Greenfield, a real.

Trump always acts first. (apparently because no one in the New York social or real estate scene apparently ever had the.