Aimco on legal war path, taking on Airbnb in Florida

aimco sues airbnb. Aimco has filed suit in California and Florida state courts seeking monetary damages as well as court orders preventing Airbnb, Inc. from assisting Aimco residents to breach their leases in order to sublet their apartments. According to a press release issued by Aimco, "Short-term rental arrangements,

Aimco alleged that its high-end apartment communities’ tenants in Los Angeles complained about noisy Airbnb tourists and therefore more security staff had to be employed for property monitoring.

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Aimco filed its initial lawsuits against Airbnb in February in Florida and California. Then, Airbnb had a June 6 deadline to file comments about the lawsuit. With Aimco extending the reach of its lawsuit, Airbnb has been given until July 7 to comment or to ask for an extension.

Aimco v. Airbnb Allowed to Proceed in Florida State Court. Unfortunately for Airbnb, a large property management company’s legal actions against the short-term rental disrupter are rising to that level. The federal lawsuit Aimco brought against Airbnb in California was recently dismissed; however, their similar case in Florida’s state court has now survived a motion to dismiss.

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Aimco on legal war path, taking on Airbnb in Florida payton contents area neighborhood centers Miami-dade circuit court alleging airbnb allowed District court threw Fallout bear stearns Pennsylvania mortgage foreclosure diversion.

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Customers pay right through Airbnb’s website and the company takes a cut before paying the owner. But the journey hasn’t been easy. The company had a tough time finding early financial backers and.