Bill would cut all funding to HUD

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) introduced a bill that would cut $500 billion in government spending by the end of 2011 and eliminate all funding for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. "I am proud to introduce my own solution to the mounting debt our spendthrift, oversized government has accrued.

Graves also threatened to push an amendment to the federal appropriations bill that would withhold funding. so HUD would be able to provide assistance in the event of another disaster, but the “top.

In addition to the cuts to the section 202 account, the request would eliminate funding for the Public Housing Capital Fund and cut funding for the Public Housing Capital Fund by 38%. These are the only two funding sources for the nation’s public housing. According to HUD, 33% of public housing apartments are led by older adults.

According the FY 2019 budget, the administration is proposing $41.2 billion in gross appropriations, an $11.5 billion (21.8 percent) cut from the FY 2018 omnibus spending level for HUD, and only $14 million for the CDFI Fund, a $236 million (94.4 percent) cut from the FY 2018 omnibus bill.

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President Donald Trump's proposed budget for HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson's. Which is certainly a goal we can all agree with,” Rice said.. you're talking about the tax bill from 2017 that gave huge tax cuts to billionaires.

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"And when I say African American, I can really say from everybody in this country, because we are all. former HUD.

While the House bill does fully fund all contract renewals for 12 months, the bill does not provide funding for Performance-Based Contract Administrators (PBCAs), and it is unclear how HUD would fund contract administrators. HUD would need $11.4 billion to full operate the PBRA program.

HUD’s Policy and Research Development funding is cut by 4% below FY11 funding levels and 19% below the President’s request. The bill also newly requires a minimum 50% match for any cooperative agreements for policy and research activities funded with non-HUD funds.

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Rep. Al Green Questions HUD Secretary Ben Carson on CDBG-DR Funds & FHA Alternative Credit Story Continued Below In all, the request cuts funding by some $6 billion for fiscal year 2018, to about $40 billion. The draft, dated May 4, might not reflect the administration’s final spending.

Rand Paul objected Wednesday to an attempt to pass the bill funding 9/11 first responders. President Donald Trump’s $1.5.