Viewpoint: Wait, You Mean the Foreclosure Freeze Didn’t Work?

Mortgage brokerage CEO jailed for stealing homes, renting them back to struggling homeowners The FTSE 100 closed up 43.03 points at 7385.24, as stocks hold up so far despite a mounting US political crisis. President Donald Trump is dominating the headlines once again following the sacking.

But wait, your mortgage lender contacts you and says that you still owe them money. The foreclosure sale didn’t raise enough cash to pay off your mortgage loan. And if you don’t make up the difference between what you owed and the foreclosure sale price-the deficiency-your lender will take you to court and get a deficiency judgment.

Move appoints first-ever chief data officer Previously, Moore was at Cisco, Inc. where he was selected as the first-ever chief operating officer in 2011. company’s direction and the data center security technology we are leading the market.

The housing industry is certainly getting stirred up as we close in on the Midterm elections. It’s as though someone took the most polarizing aspects of the housing crisis, plopped them into a blender and hit the "on" switch. The Federal government started things off at the end of last week by announcing that it felt the mortgage lenders didn’t need to freeze foreclosures because they had been.

FHFA: Home prices increase again, rise 1.3% April FHFA housing price index rose. 71.5B deficit expected, a 5.1% increase from the $70.9B deficit in April; exports were $140.2B, imports $214.7B. May new home sales of 626K disappointed.

How to Know if a Wart Freeze Is working? cecilia harsch There are several old wives tales for curing wart, including spreading butter on your wart, then letting the dog lick the butter off; sleeping on your favorite quilt for 30 days; and even piercing the wart with a needle until you see blood.

Remodeling permits can cause delays: Say you’re working on your new garage project, and you can’t finish building it until the city inspector comes out to sign off on the permit. If the city is running behind and becomes backlogged by several weeks, all of your work will have to come to a halt while you wait.

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