Young couple charged with fraud in filing deed for $1.1 million house

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Prosecutors charged one of. on someone’s property and file for eviction. At the eviction hearing, the justice of the peace only wants to know who is the current holder of the trustee’s deed –.

Stephanie Kinley and Jeremy Davis were arrested, charged and. The deed Kinley and Davis filed with Hamilton County's Auditor and. Duane Pohlman: So, in other words, you said, 'I'm not supposed to put a. Judge Pat Dinkelaker described the home thefts as, “A heck of a scam,” adding it was also,

A 2008 tax evasion trial found that Snipes cheated the IRS out of $7 million worth of taxes, according to USA Today. The back taxes owed are around 18 percent of the $38 million unreported income Snipes earned from 1999 to 2006, during which period he failed to file any tax returns, reports Reuters. Snipes was released from jail in April 2013.

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Fillon, who at one point was the front-runner in France’s 2017 presidential race, saw his bid unravel over allegations he paid his wife Penelope and two of their children more than 1 million euros ($1.

A thin sliver of time forced Denise Williams and Brian Winchester to commit the sinister deed the two love rats had. Denise and Winchester could kiss a $1.75 million insurance policy goodbye if the.

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Four defendants have been sentenced to federal prison for running a tax fraud scheme that involved using an ancestry/genealogy website to find personal information of victims and then file phony tax. defendants sentenced in million-dollar tax fraud scheme.. sanders filed over $1.1 million.

Titles and deeds in real estate | Housing | Finance & Capital Markets | Khan Academy Florida police arrested a Middleburg couple Monday and charged the two with grand theft, forgery and unlawful filing of a deed after Clay County sheriff's.. couple, from Ohio, purchased the property legitimately for $1.1 million.. “The quit claim deed that was filed was fraudulent; it was made up of pieces.

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