Alabama Supreme Court rules in favor of MERS

The alabama supreme court today denied a petition from ABC Coke (a division of Drummond Company) and the Jefferson County Board of Health for writ of certiorari in ABC Coke and Jefferson County Board of Health v. GASP, Inc. In other words, the Alabama Supreme Court has ruled in our favor, just as the Alabama Court of [.]

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Op-ed in Support of Consumer Financial Protection Agency | Main | New Paper. MERS then purports to remain the mortgagee for the life of the loan even after. a debt collector under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and I have. in the Landmark National Bank case from the Kansas Supreme Court is now.

She claimed her unborn child died because of lack of proper medical intervention. The alabama supreme court issued a unanimous ruling in favor of Hamilton saying an unborn child is a unique human.

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In a recently issued opinion, the connecticut supreme court upheld the constitutionality of a recording statute specifically targeted by the Connecticut legislature to impose higher recording fees on residential mortgage loans where MERS was listed as the nominee of record. The case, MERSCorp Holdings, Inc., et al.

 · Alabama Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Unborn Child.. Alabama Supreme Court Justice Thomas Parker also wrote a concurring opinion, noting that the “viability” standard in.

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The Alabama Supreme Court reversed the trial court and remanded: "We see no intent in the Code section to embrace a mandatory rule that all conveyances, which would include not only real-property conveyances but also apparently all conveyances of personal property, are required to be recorded in the probate court.

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WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court signaled. Indiana’s governor. The court’s action keeps it out of an election-year review of the Indiana law amid a flurry of new state laws that go to the very heart.