New normal means a lot more pain to come: Fed economist

I see the 10 year rate popped back up to 3.21% today and the stock market had only begun recovering from the big October drop. That’s a sign to me that there’s a lot more pain ahead for the stock market, probably next week. Every time rates pop up, the stock market seems to take a dive a day or two later, for good reason.

How long until housing reform happens? Tax reform is a headwind, not a tailwind for coastal city property price appreciation. The golden era of milking cow on houses selling business has long gone. the rate will pop the bubble, but it's oh so slooooooooow to happen because.

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The screams of pain will come first from the poorest countries that already import way beyond their ability to pay and too poor (or perhaps unwise) to make the requisite investments in developing new.

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New Normal is a term in business and economics that refers to financial conditions following the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the aftermath of the 2008-2012 global recession.The term has since been used in a variety of other contexts to imply that something which was previously abnormal has become commonplace.

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 · Kapfidze’s outlook falls more in line with the Fed’s current projections, as it would mean two rate hikes of 0.25% at some point this year. There could be more clarity after the January meeting, as the FOMC’s accompanying statement will help indicate whether the Fed’s monetary policy has changed since December.

Bonds as an asset class are very asymmetrically skewed right now. There’s a lot of downside, with not much upside. As you know, when interest rates go up, bond prices go down. And at this point we’re near the zero bound in interest rates. There’s not much room for the Fed to maneuver to the downside. But the upside is wide open.

The number of dots – normally at 19, but right now at 17 due to the two vacancies on the Fed’s board of governors – might mean it’s more noise than signal, says Jonathan Wright, professor.

 · The economy may be entering a “sweet spot” that a lot of people might not think to celebrate: 2% growth and 100,000-a-month job growth.. it’s the new normal. When the recession does come.