Californians put AG Kamala Harris on the defense

Military · Economics · Technology · Regions. Kamala Harris referred to herself as a “top-tier candidate” and belittled Rep.. to apologize for her record as San Francisco district attorney and California's attorney general.. “She put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it.

Harris's decision to put her prosecutorial background front-and-center. that upheld the death penalty or her defense of arguably wrongful convictions.. California AG Kamala Harris Holds News Conference On Gun Violence.

7 Californians sue Attorney General Kamala Harris, DOJ over gun delays. The Calguns Foundation has filed a lawsuit on behalf of seven California residents today against Attorney General Kamala Harris, the California Department of Justice, and DOJ Bureau of Firearms Chief Stephen Lindley.

San Francisco’s public defender accused District Attorney Kamala Harris on Wednesday of refusing to turn over to defense lawyers the names of police officers with arrest records or misconduct.

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California Attorney General Says Her Office's Defense Of prison labor. california attorney General Kamala Harris told ThinkProgress Wednesday she is. has blown off many deadlines set by courts to remedy the situation.

3 days ago. Kamala Harris' record while serving as attorney general of California. Then from 2011 to 2017 she went on to serve the state of California as attorney. However, Harris told BuzzFeed that she was "shocked" to hear their defense.. “We are putting parents on notice,” Harris said at her 2011 inauguration.

Court of Appeal slams Attorney General Kamala Harris again By Sidney Powell 03/04/15 1:04pm california attorney General Kamala Harris speaks at a news conference on May 17, 2013 at the Los.

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In October 2013, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris led the charge against Corinthian Colleges, Inc. and its schools in California (Everest, Heald, and Wyotech colleges), seeking to put an end to abusive practices that left tens of thousands of students with useless degrees and tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Kamala Harris. that has dogged Harris since she jumped into the presidential campaign in January, and could make liberal voters more skeptical of her record as San Francisco district attorney and.

Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris on Wednesday vaguely acknowledged The Intercept’s report about her declining to prosecute Steven Mnuchin’s OneWest Bank for foreclosure.

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Kamala Harris issued a forceful defense of her record as a.. "I know the senator's history as an attorney general in California," said Quarles.