Will sexual harassment claims cost SoFi its bank charter?

The continual rise in sexual harassment claims, even as women are poised to take over the reins at 50 percent of the small and mid-sized businesses in one recent survey (to use just one example), suggests that the sexual harassment industry itself is in large part to blame for this phantom epidemic that has employers so scared.

Indeed, SoFi’s application to become a bank "has almost no chance of approval" following the sexual harassment scandal that cost Cagney his job, a senior adviser to the company and a former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission told the FT. "This departure of Mike makes that a very questionable attainment," said Arthur.

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Shortly before the sexual harassment claims at SoFi overtook news headlines, the company filed a bank charter application with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Chances were already low though that SoFi would be approved for a bank charter, and the controversy surrounding SoFi only increases the likelihood that the company will be denied.

Sofi Scandal Cost Its Bank Application. SoFi was hit with two lawsuits in which the plaintiffs alleged sexual harassment and unfair work practices. That prompted Cagney to tell employees in.

In this week’s data dive: SoFi may have lost its bank application, Chipotle swaps chorizo for queso and Equifax fights more fallout from its data breach.

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While it is important for the Committee to consider measures that will help our.. borrowing authority to pay all of its claims from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Waters Calls on FDIC to Hold Public Hearing on SoFi's Application for Bank Charter.. Waters Applauds CFPB's Initiative in Investigating Consumer Harassment